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This web site provides for most of your needs on Qualcomm 11ac products firmware for ath10K. However, if you cannot find the solution you need, please contact us.

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Check here for the channel list allowed for different countries. 

What channel you can use for each country (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_WLAN_channels)

Any further questions, please contact us. 

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If you cannot find the firmware to upload during your driver porting process, you can check firmware download@ath10K (https://wireless.wiki.kernel.o.... If you need more information or other assistance, please contact us. 

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If you would like to use modular approval for your system, these are some settings you need to check first. 

  • Which country or countries do you plan to use the product? 
  • What is the application of your product?
  • What is the selected antenna you plan to use on your system? 
  • Will your system use DFS band? 
  • Will you need to retest some of your system? Do you have the testing tools on hand for this? 

The above questions are among several practices that need discussion before initiating the whole process and obtaining certification from our side. 

Furthermore, your testing lab may not recognize module RF testing data from another lab, yet the original testing lab can. In such case, processing your system certification at the original testing lab could be a good alternative. Please contact us for more details. 

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