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Different RF modules serve different purpose best, and these are the key criteria for selection:

  • What is the application of your system? 
  • Do you need Access Point mode or Client mode? 
  • Do you want to use DFS band for your system? 
  • Which OS is planned for your system?
  • How many RF data stream do you need? I.e. what is the data rate you are targeting on? 
  • Which physical interface/slot is on your host board? M.2 or mini PCIe slot or others? 
  • Which electrical interface is on your host board for RF modules? PCIE, USB, SDIO, others? 
  • Will you need a Bluetooth and WLAN combo solution? 
  • What would be the estimated annual usage of your system?
  • How much time later would be the mass production schedule? We may have some developing/upgrading modules on hand, which may not be disclosed yet. Therefore, if you may share your production agenda with us, we can help you select a module with longer product life cycle.
  • How long will the customer’s product life cycle be? Product longevity would also impact the recommended solution.
  • Which RF certification do you plan to apply?  

The easiest way to select the most suitable RF module is to discuss with our sales representative. Furthermore, if you send us the above information, our suggestions will save you time.

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Detailed product datasheet contains some confidential information, please contact our sales representative.

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In general, RF modules can be divided into two major applications: Access Point mode and Client mode. Most RF modules can support both modes, but capability to support connecting users at Access Point mode differs greatly. Entry level RF modules usually can allow 8~10 concurrent users and 1 SSID at Access Point mode, but high-end modules can support up to 4x concurrent users and more than 8 SSIDs.

The example above is just a very brief introduction to their differences, but many other factors/conditions influence the connection capability of RF models. The best way is to contact us so we can discuss your needs, and avoid any incorrect action.

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